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Friday, May 22, 2009

Dates for 2009-10 FCCLA School Year

Get Involved, Get Active, Be A Part of It!!!!!

Aug 6: Region 11 FCCLA planning meeting at Marionville: noon

August 12 Local FCCLA Chapter Officer Summer Planning Meeting @ Mrs. H's house

Sept 17 FCCLA Leadership Training: Carthage

Oct 13 Regional FCCLA Meeting @ MSSU

Oct 25-26 Access FCCLA: TanTarA Resort, Lake of the Ozarks

Nov 18-21 FCCLA Nat’l Cluster Meeting, Louisville, KY

Jan 18 FCCLA Regional STAR Events Competition & elections Carl Junction

Feb 23-24 FCCLA Legislative Shadowing, Jefferson City

March 21-23 FCCLA Missouri State Conference and STAR events competition Columbia

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And the winners are......

In case you missed it, new officer installation was today during clubs.

So if you don't ever speak to anyone and have been under a rock all day, the new officers are as follows:
President and Officer of Membership: Breann

Vice-President and Officer of STAR Events: Jessica

Secretary/Reporter: Michelle

Officer of Programs and Community Service: Trevor

Please congratulate these members when you see them and more importantly, support them in their leadership roles for the next school year!

Our FCCLA chapter is only as good as the effort our members put into it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missouri FCCLA on Facebook!

Become a fan of Missouri FCCLA on facebook:

If clicking on the logo doesn't take you there, just search for Missouri FCCLA and become a fan.
Write on the Wall and give MO your FCCLA ideas!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FCCLA: It’s not your Momma’s FHA!

Some of you may hear your Mom or Grandma talking about the “good ol’ days” of Future Homemakers of America (FHA). Well, it’s still around, sort of. Now it’s in the form of Family, Career, and Community Leaders or America, or FCCLA. The focus is still on the family, but the new name explains that we aren’t just homemakers, we are all about leadership in all facets of life.
In FCCLA we focus on leadership activities, develop leadership skills, and learn how to apply them to our families, careers and community. There are opportunities for individual self-directed projects, event leadership, community service leadership, international exchange, legislative shadowing, state and national conference delegations, competitive event participation and local, regional, state and national leadership.
Just so you know guys, this is NOT an all girls’ club! Guys are more than welcome to join. In fact, more guys elevate to state and national leadership positions proportionally than girls. In order to join FCCLA, all you need to do is be enrolled in a FACS course (currently or in the past) and then pay your dues.
There are so many great activities and experiences, who wouldn’t want to join?

It’s the Ultimate Leadership Experience!

J.O., B.F.,T.S., S.H.

Monday, May 18, 2009

2009-10 Officers Installation

And the new officers are:

Ohhhhh, you thought I was going to do the big reveal here?
You'll just have to come to the FCCLA Meeting on Thursday in Room 5 to find out Who's Who!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Farewell to Seniors!

To Zach and Teisha and Shandee and Chelsey and Lizz and Stephanie:

Congratulations upon your graduation from high school.
Work hard to prepare for what's next in life and may all your dreams come true!
Blessings, Mrs H and FCCLA!

PS: My graduation gift to you is to pay your first year's membership in Alumni & Associates if you want. Please notify me if you would like to be a member. Please click on the logo above for more information about the association.
PS again: Zach and Teisha and Shandee and Chelsea were members for all 4 years of high school! Way to go!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Enter to Win!

A variety of assorted and valuable prizes! Okay, better than the holiday pencils and dorky erasers Mrs. H gives out for winning games in class! These are some real contests out there specifically for teens and you could win! But you need to act fast to participate!

Video Contests ending soon:

Students Taking Charge:

Make a video that shows us the students, teachers, groups, activities or classes that make your school a healthy place!

The Challenge:

Tell the world how your high school makes it easy for
students to be healthy!

  • Does your PE teacher teach kickboxing AND hip-hop?
  • Does your school have an ultimate Frisbee, broomball, or rock climbing club?
  • Does your campus have an amazing garden, an out-of-this-world salad bar, or a student group that sells fruit smoothies to raise money?
Grand Prize: $500
Runners Up: $350
Read up, gather some friends and your video camera... oh, and an apple too!
Also on Facebook:

The Seatbelt Dance:
Get props. Win great prizes. Show us your best moves and post your own Seatbelt Dance video. Deadline to submit videos is August 31, 2009. So, work it out and get ready to shine.

Winners could be starring in our fall TV campaign. Plus, we'll be awarding a Flip Mino Camera, 8GB iPod Nano, and gas cards. Better yet, you'll be helping save the lives of your friends by reminding them to buckle up every time they get in a car. Now, get your buckle on!
Download an extended version of the song and get started!
Get Your Buckle On
Show Us your Seatbelt Dance

Friday, May 1, 2009

Officer Interviews

Officer Interviews will be Monday, May 18 beginning at 3:30 in the Conference Room by the Gym Display Case. We will be interviewing in reverse alphabetical order. See Mrs. H if you have questions.

Installation of Officers will be Thursday, May 21st during Clubs.