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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

photo from
We won!  We won!  We won!  
We won!  We won!  

We entered our FCCLA Week events on the Missouri FCCLA Blog and We won! 

We were one of 10 Chapters chosen from those entered.

Our activities for 2010 FCCLA Week:
  Students from Seneca FCCLA started out FCCLA Week by displaying 8 posters around the school each stating one of the FCCLA purposes. Each day an FCCLA logo is hidden somewhere in the school with a hint read over the intercom after the pledge. The student who finds the logo turns it in for a box of Valentine candy. Tuesday is Member Appreciation day with ice cream sundaes for members at lunch. Wednesday is Teacher Appreciation with members bringing baked goods for the staff. Thursday is delivery of the Valentine Crushes sold all week with the proceeds going to CMN.
FCCLA Rocks!!!
Aren't you glad we're part of it?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Power of One 5 Unit Recognition Forms

We're coming to the end of programs and activities for the 2010 School Year at Seneca FCCLA. 

Oh, sure, we still have lots of fun to come, 
but for events that will receive/earn recognition, 
time is running out.
If you are competing in State STAR Events, 
Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

All members who have complete all 5 units 
of Power of One 
and want State and National Recognition,
it is time to fill out the Recognition Application.

Power of One Units:

Power of One gives youth the POWER to fulfill their dreams by creating self-directed projects that focus on:
  • A Better You — Improve personal traits
  • Family Ties — Get along better with family members
  • Working on Working — Explore work options, prepare for a career, or sharpen
  • skills useful in business
  • Take the Lead — Develop leadership qualities
  • Speak Out for FCCLA — Tell others about positive experiences in FCCLA.

 All members of the FCCLA Leadership Class should have already completed all 5 Power of One Units.

The deadline to fill out, print out and get the summary to 
Mrs. H is February 22. 

Your completed Power of One forms should be in the Power of One binder, 
and if you have been keeping up with filling out the Summary Form, 
it should be a piece of cake to just type what you already wrote on to the online form and then print it out.
The forms need to be signed by Mrs. H and mailed to State 
 or you will be out of luck.
    Five Unit Recognition Application

    Are we done for the year?  
    Of course not!

    As soon as we return from State it's time for 
    Leadership Applications:
    New Officer Installation:
    End of the Year Trip:
    Member Recognition and Awards:

    and National Leadership Conference in Chicago:
    And then we start all over again.  
    However, if you are a graduating Senior,



    Remember that we are still keeping track of points for this year for the End of the Year Trip.  
    And all points after February 1st count toward next year, so keep up the good work!!!

    Remember to 

    Sunday, February 7, 2010

    Rock-A-Thon 2010

    Rock-A-Thon 2010 is now history! 
    We had a great time.  
    We started out with a little dancing:
    (a little Cha Cha Slide)
    (a little Thriller?)
    I Tweeted and updated on Facebook:

    $466 was raised by 7 FCCLA members!
     Michelle said her favorite part was Cranium!

    My favorite part was when I posted that
    we were eating hot homemade pizza at 2:45 am:
    I got comments from 2 former FCCLA officers.
    "We want to come!  Plz???? 
    If we show up will you let us in?"
    You bet I let them in!  
    They stayed for about an hour.

    They actually worked in my room a little, 
    spiffing things up like they used to.
    Ate some pizza, of course. 
    It was a blast to catch up with them. 
    It was just as if they were still in our chapter!
    Thanks for stopping by Christian and Crystal!
    Please come back again and 
    join Alumni & Associates!
    Here's a retro photo from 2008:

    The money brought in from this year's Rock-a-Thon
    brings our total for Children's Miracle Network to
    $1566 so far this year.  

    We still have a few more plans... 
    selling Crushes for your crush
    for Valentine's Day during FCCLA Week,
    then there's Hot Chocolate & Cappuccino profits.

    FCCLA Rocks!
    I crashed!
    Rock On!

    Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Business Casual

    As you prepare for your Career Research Presentations and/or get ready to go to State Conference,
    just a reminder about appropriate Business Casual dress.  So I've reposted this from September:

    It's important that we understand how to dress for success.  
    Some of these examples could be considered business dress 
    and some business casual.  
    For our Career Presentations and for FCCLA, 
    business casual never includes 
    jeans, tee shirts, tennies or flip flops.  
    Attire must be neat and clean and presentable.

    Friday, February 5, 2010

    A Big Check

    Kat & Michelle, officers of the Seneca FCCLA

    (Family Career and Community Leaders of

    America) recently presented Kathy Watson, 

    CMN Coordinator at Freeman Hospital,

    with a BIG $1000 check 

    for Children's Miracle Network. 

    The money was raised by students through a

    contest fundraiser organized by FCCLA among advisory classes at Seneca

    High School. The winning advisory class enjoyed a pizza party. 

    FCCLA is donating all remaining hot chocolate and cappuccino profits to this 

    CMN fund, 

    along with donations through a Rock-a-Thon lock in the chapter is 

    hosting on Feb. 5 

    and Crush Valentines sales for FCCLA Week. 

    All funds stay local.

    Sara thought the check was real and tried to run off with it several times:

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010

    STAR Events 2010

    Congratulations to Kat, Andrea and Michelle as they progress to
    State FCCLA Star Events for their entry in Chapter Showcase Manual, senior.

    We also had Callie enter Interior Design

    Elizabeth received a silver medal for her Chapter Showcase Display

    Trevor received Bronze for Chapter Service Manual


    Breann finished her year as Regional Secretary


    The local newspaper came and took photos:




    Congratulations to all for following through!