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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Photos of SLC 2010

Ahhh, Missouri State Leadership Conference 2010 
has come to a close, 
but here are some memorable photos:

Our AWESOME State Director, Christine Hollingsworth:

Sunday Night Opening Session:

Monday Dinner at Flat Branch:

A Little Cupid Shuffle:

This is what happens when "someone" 
is in charge of the FCCLA camera for the weekend:

Tuesday, Closing Session:

Children's Miracle Network video, "My Dreams" 
(click on photo to watch the video)

Miss Missouri is an official spokesperson for  CMN in Missouri:

Me 'n' my Senior Girls:

Monday, March 22, 2010

2010 Missouri State Leadership Conference (It's all about the Ribbons)

Update:  This post by Michelle was cross posted on the Missouri FCCLA Blog!  Check it out!

Guest post by Mrs. Herbert's favorite T.A. of the year, and Chapter Secretary/Reporter, Michelle Starr.

Wow! That would be the defining word I would use to describe State. The conference started with a bang as the State Officers performed a cute skit dressed up as Disney Characters on Sunday Night. What followed was one of the most motivating speakers I have ever heard, Aaron Davis. Now, if you have the chance, you really need to look this guy up on the internet. Not only was he hilarious, but he was inspiring when the conversation turned serious. The whole experience of the night before made me really hopeful about the events to come tomorrow...until I started to practice with Kat. I was rehearsing in my sleep because I was so nervous. (We ended up performing okay, and I hope we at least get Silver.)

The following pictures are of tonight's activities: our recognition (which is why we are wearing the ribbons), and our fun night of singing and dancing (yes, even our favorite "thriller" Mrs. Herbert moved a little on the dance to one of us students at school or ask Mrs. H for the inside joke)
Our name was on several lists of activities we were recognized for, such as Families First, Career Connection, FACTS, Student Body, etc.;

Breann and I are recognized as one of the 200 people able to attend State who completed all five Powers of One.

Us again, a slightly clearer picture;
It's all about the ribbons...hence the subtitle (I had the most...sorry I'm a bit proud right now. We all did very well, and if Kat wasn't with me up on the Star Events presentation I would've choked horribly.);
We throw our hands in the ai-a-air with Ron Cole as our keynote entertainer. It was absolutely amazing and fun. There wasn't one dull moment at all;
A "thumbs up" for our time at conference;
We're all smiles...even ones who dislike the camera (Trevor);
Dory and Nemo; guess which one is which correctly and you win a prize...guessing correctly; can't be prepared for everything (I'm talking about our expressions haha);
Trevor suddenly became a ladies man...who knew?;

Kat and Mrs. H sharing a smile;

All of us together. I wouldn't change a thing about conference...well, I could've been amazingly prepared, that would've been helpful;

All in all, although we almost didn't make it because of the weather, the trip and dedication we had this year was worth it. I honestly wish everyone could've been able to make it up here, you would've had the time of your lives.

Good night everyone! Hope this makes you think about coming up next year!

-Michelle S.