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Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's all about the ribbons!

It's all about the ribbons!

Begun Monday, March 28th,:
AS I sit here at the Missouri State Leadership Conference Member and Program Recognition ceremony tonight waiting for the session to begin, I am reflecting upon Seneca FCCLA's transformation over last few years. I specifically remember two things about State Conference 2008. One thing that changed the direction of our program. Another thing that is a benchmark (for me) of a societal shift in attitude about mobile technology and educational use of social media. 

Skylar & Leslie received their Power of One completion recognition on stage
Recruit, Retain, Recognize:
REMEMBERING  the meeting several springs back, we had watched and applauded as chapter after chapter received recognition for National Programs that WE had done. 
Continued April 2: Why didn't we receive recognition?  I knew it wasn't because the State office was supposed to be omniscient, it was because I was missing something. I sat during that recognition session determined to get to the bottom of the awards and ribbons that other chapters were receiving. I sat with my Motorola Razor texting emails to myself in the dark the names of the Programs or other chapter awards and accomplishments that we could be receiving!  My goal was not to try to get every single ribbon or award available, but to get recognition for what we were doing and then strive to add one more program a year if possible!  I am happy to note that we now do turn in the appropriate documentation for our efforts to be recognized.  As a small chapter, small school and one teacher department, we may not have the huge National Program events and results as the national winners, but we complete as many National Programs as we can fit into our Program of Work. ! We try to have as much fun as we can and students strive to become leaders. We NOW get the ribbons!!!  It's not a competition.  We're not trying to get more than anyone else-- just more.

WHICH brings me to the second revelation sitting in this year's session.  How things have changed in just a few short years. At the time I was sitting in that session texting myself, unbeknownst to me, the evening's keynote speaker was sitting right behind me as the awards were being displayed.  I was appalled as about halfway through his talk he berated the teachers tonite who had their cell phones out when they supposedly tell students not to!  My face turned red in embarrassment and then --I was mad.  He didn't know what I was doing with my phone! He had no way of knowing that I was taking notes in the dark so that I could improve my program. He assumed without even asking. I also felt that he made a major error in knocking the very advisors who had brought the youth to hear him, the only positive adults in some of these kids' lives and I immediately tuned him out for the rest of his talk!  Oooo, I feel myself getting all worked up again.  But really, the whole POINT of my writing this is my own personal mark in time of the shift in use of technology, especially mobile technology.   I am proud to have been already using my mobile device in a way that I now use my iPhone daily.  Oh that could be another post, the use of mobile technology in the classroom!

MISSOURI FCCLA is known for the use of technology, the attempt to be ahead of the curve in embracing the changes that are coming.  Thank you to Christine Hollingsworth for pushing Missouri advisors to be front-runners in FCS and FCCLA.  We will miss you in Missouri but you will ROCK at National FCCLA. Oh yeah, I know that FCS and Home Ec have always been about new tools and products (vacuum cleaners instead rug beaters and microwaves).  But for some reason this generation, MY generation is trying to teach in a way that is archaic. So many other teachers I run across still gripe about email and online gradebooks. Some of the FCS teachers don't want to be bothered to learn new, even try. REALLY?  I have begun to introduce web tools to colleagues at my high school and I hope to continue.   I am glad I am not stagnating or quitting.  
We helped with a QR code scavenger hunt.

LEADERSHIP! We try to improve our FCCLA, grow and build leaders in our small town.  FCCLA IS this Ultimate Leadership Experience.  

Proof we are here!!!

We helped with a Glogster Workshop on Monday
and Michael was awesome when he jumped in and shared his Glog!
Trevor made sure all our cords and technology was hooked up correctly.