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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tradition. Pride. Class.

Where would we be without Tradition, Pride, and Class?

Last year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of "Tradition. Pride. Class." as motto for our school, our district, our community. 

Originally uttered by Coach Hodge for the football program, it has come to emulate a way of life for us.

With all the negative press and finger pointing our little hamlet has received this past year, especially the high school, I started thinking about what would happen if we removed those goals/designations/hopes? 

So this is what I came up with:

Tradition:    Without Traditions, we would forget, neglect and things would become shabby, both in appearance and in spirit, nothing to hope for, we would no longer "belong" to events and "ways" that are special, exclusive to our people. We lose our Heritage, who we ARE!

Pride:  Without PRIDE, we would be in disgrace.  We would be second rate, no reason to try.  We would lose our dignity, tarnished. We would produce junk, both in people and in product.

Class:  Without CLASS we become tacky, crass (course, unsophisticated). Gruff, dirty, crude, rude, rough, vulgar, cheap, gross, unrefined, get the drift?

So take a look at synonyms for Tradition, Pride, Class and embrace them, embody them, promote them.  They ARE Seneca!!!

TRADITION: Attitude. Belief. Custom. Legend. Inheritance. Heritage.

PRIDE: Esteem. Honor. Respect. Dignity. Regard. Worth. Fine.

CLASS:    Elegant. Excellent.  Superior. Noble .Gentle. Worthy.

In FCCLA, we can act out the honorable traditions that have gone before us, we can take pride in our goals and actions, and we can behave with dignity and class.  


  1. Heck yes :) I think you covered it very well. Sure, for a while I was a little ashamed to say that I graduated from SHS, but that changed when I came to the realization that a few people don't make the town. You can't let some immature people ruin the place you came from and sometimes the place you call home. TPC <3

  2. Yea you got that right... and its better than u think! TPC is the best way to put our school and FCCLA tries hard to follow and lead under it.... - Your current Pres. Trevor Smith


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